We are opening the English School to provide an intimate venue for discussion in English that encourages and supports the artistic, literary, and creative expression of the language. The texts we use will touch on the areas of expertise and interests of each individual student. At the same time, we will practice grammar, discourse, and writing to develop each student`s capacity to more naturally express ideas and communicate via English. Diverse guest speakers such as artists, cross-cultural researchers, activists and professional craftsmen, amongst others, will be invited periodically to provoke creative discussion with the students. Please feel free to contact the English School with any questions or comments.

“English School” Director, Kano Ikegami

photo: Yasushi Ichikawa
Kano Ikegami was born in Germany. After receiving her English education mainly in Japan, she directly experienced the limitations of the Japanese educational system in preparing the student for effective English communication. Kano combines her deep passions for languages, literature, and communication to offer an interesting way to learn English.