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Our Words, Our Songs 〜いろんな国のことばで詩を作る〜ワークショップ
[ 開催概要 ]
日時:2023年 2月23日 14:00〜16:00

会場:堀川団地 出水団地第3棟 317号(元 堀川ACラボ)

展示:2023年 2月21日~23日 11:00〜18:00

池上カノの「ABC Mail Project」は、美術家・かなもりゆうこの郵便作品の試みを発端に、写真家・草本利枝とコラボレーションから生まれました。会期中、その一部を展示しています。


主催:京都府住宅供給公社, NPO ANEWAL Gallery



暮らしや芸術、社会問題などをトピックとして取り上げ、 「生きていることば」を体感できるワークショップやイベントを多数企画している。英語で語りあう『うごく哲学』を毎月開催。『英語教室』主宰。






写真家。出身地である別府やダンサ ー と障がいがある人とのワークショップなど様々な身体が交差する 「場」を撮影。東日本大震災以降は宮城県女川町に通い少年の撮影を続ける。


ABC Mail Project

Exhibition:2023 February 21st to 23rd (11:00〜18:00)

Venue:No. 317, No. 3, Horikawa Danchi Izumi Danchi, Naramono-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture



Our Words, Our Songs 〜Let’s compose poems out of our words〜


Date:2023 February 23rd (14:00〜16:00)

Capacity: 10 people (Anybody can join us)

Fee: 1000 yen


Our Words, Our Songs was born out of the collaborative ABC Mail Project created by Kano Ikegami, artist Yuko Kanamori, and photographer Toshie Kusamoto. On a postcard, participants wrote down words for each letter of the alphabet and sent it back to us via snail mail. Kano takes the words from an individual’s postcard and weaves them together in the form of a poem. Come join us as we use the words of others to compose a song – and create a polyphonic body of work.


Kano Ikegami 

Organizer. Aims to bring words to life. Her workshops touch upon a variety of meaningful topics including lifestyle, art, and society. She is the director of an unconventional English school called  Eigo Kyoshitsu. 


Yuko Kanamori 

Artist. Through various poetic expressions, Yuko makes mixed media objects by hand out of paper and thread. Her works cover the span of visual installations, performances, and delicate pieces whose motifs are books and snail mail.
Toshie Kusamoto 

Photographer. She took photos of her hometown, Beppu, and workshops of dancers and people with disabilities, where various bodies cross. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, she has been photographing the life of a young boy in Onagawa, Miyagi.