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You Decide Where Curiosity Goes


デンマークの映画監督Andreas Johnsenさんがトークに来てくださいました。


Andreas Johnsen, director, producer and owner of the film company, Rosforth, visited the English School. His insightful perspectives on culture – including subcultures – was unique and beyond comparison.

Although Andreas has travelled to many parts of the world to make films, we asked him if he finds inspiration in his home town of Copenhagen.
He told us about the fascinating story of a young musician in Copenhagen who became an overnight star while socking the mainstream music business in his film ‘KIDD LIFE’.


撮影中の新作の話しも大変興味深く「物事はある程度白黒はっきりしているが’duality’(二元性)だけで成り立っているのではない。その間にあるさまざまな層が興味深い。」など話してくださいました。生徒のみなさんとのQuestions and Answers にも一人一人に丁寧に答えていただき、印象深い時間となりました。


He said, ‘Things are not always built on ‘duality’, like black and white. The diversity of layers in between are fascinating.’ After that, we asked him questions and he answered with great consideration. Thank you, Andreas, for the amazing time.