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Taro Shinoda and His Works
アーティストであり、現在は東京藝術大学で教鞭も取られている篠田太郎さんに、作品について英語でトークしていただきました。世界のさまざまな都市で撮影された月の映像作品、’Lunar Reflection Transmission Technique’を観ながら、それらの土地を取り巻く環境や撮影中のハプニングなどについて伺いました。











Shinoda Taro, an artist and who now teaches at Tokyo University of the Arts, gave a talk about his artwork in English.

 His visual work, “Lunar Reflection Transmission Technique”, which includes images of the moon, was filmed in various cities all over the world. While the audience watched the piece, he discussed the environments of the various cities where it was shot and his experiences in those locations.


An overwhelming number of prototype models were made for art exhibitions in locales, such as Sharjah and Sydney, amongst others. And a dynamic work in the middle of desert. We were really surprised by the numerous scientific and technical experiments he conducts behind the scenes to make his art. When his ‘concepts’ actually take shape, his work has an authentic beauty that is beyond description and really must be seen in person. 




His talk was soft and humorous, and created a mysterious fusion of delicacy and dynamism that fascinated the audience. After the talk, we had a delicious meal with chai at the venue, Yama-shoku-on. It was cold outside but we we’re deeply warmed by his unique way of life.