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My Song with Your Words #1
The ABC Mail Projectは美術家のかなもりゆうこ、写真家の草本利枝、池上カノの3人のコラボレーションから生まれました。ABCが印刷されたハガキにそれぞれ思いつく言葉を書いて郵送していただきました。


Ever since our ancestors walked as orangutans,
Earthlings have been at times
and pessimistic in this yin yang universe.
The depth of various feelings are inspiring.
We are the handmade gifts of cosmic rhythm,
While the Taurus contemplates blue wisteria at The Kew Gardens.

The ABC mail project was born out of the collaborative work of artist Yuko Kanamori, photographer Toshie Kusamoto, and Kano Ikegami.
On a postcard, participants wrote down words that came to mind from A to Z and sent it back to us via snail mail. Someone wrote in German, Arabic, Indonesian, Basque, Polish and so forth. Someone wrote in Ainu, Goto Island dialect and even ‘my own language’. One person’s on a journey. Another was convalescing. And one person’s letter took four months to get to Lebanon. There are so many unique stories from this project.