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英語で語る『うごく哲学』は、ひとつのテーマについてさまざまな国や文化背景をもつ人同士が話し合う仕組みと場づくりをしています。 Ugoc Philosophy offers a structured space for people to meet and discuss a focused topic.
2024年5月 24日(金) 午前10時から午前11時15分まで
会費|1500 円
​​UGOC Philosophy Session 35: The Cosmos
May 24th, 2024 (Friday) 10:00 ~11:15 JST
Online meeting
Facilitators: Sova, Ito Toryo, Ikegami Kano
Membership fee: 1500 yen
Discussion in English

It seems that much of human history has involved some degree of exploration and expansion. This trend appears to be continuing as new projects emerge to make settlements on the Moon and even Mars.
Considering the environmental damages that human expansion has caused, do we have any responsibilities to the preservation of outer space?
What other ethical, aesthetic, or spiritual issues do you think space exploration will raise?