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HOMEWORK/English school/Asuka Okajima
HOMEWORK/English school/Asuka Okajima


I could speak neither English nor Czech in the first three months of my visit to the Czech Republic. I still remember clearly the hard time. My job was making statuary works as an assistant of a sculptor.


An encounter with Ukranian carpenters opened up my curiosity in language. We were working together for a while, but we had no common language. I spoke English just a little and couldn’t speak Czech at all. They could speak Czech on some level but couldn’t speak English.


In the beginning, we kept a wide berth although we had to work together and had no alternative but to communicate. In the process of art production, things made it easier to communicate with feelings. We gradually opened up to each other. In a short while we started to hang out and went to drink beer. They loved drinking beer while working. I tried to talk by looking up words in a dictionary. First I learned words like , ‘Hello’ and ‘Thanks’. Then, ‘I’ and ‘You’. And then, Today, Tomorrow, This, That, Man, Girl, name of food, alcohol, slangs… Our communication looked funny because it was too simple like a primitive man’s communication but they were essential and all important.


I remember all the good times we spent together. I was getting to be able to express my feelings and understood how they felt little by little. I didn’t feel lonely any more.








岡島飛鳥 / Asuka Okajima: