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アメリカより現代美術作家のレオと陶芸家のナンシーをお招きして、“Art in Daily Life: Staying Creative and Calm in the Eye of the Storm” をトピックに、日々制作を継続することついて話し合いました。


The Goddess Book: A Celebration of Witches, Queens, Healers, and Crones  


写真はレオが2007年から継続しているプロジェクト ‘Found’。https://leomorrissey.com/found ヨーロッパ、アジア、アフリカ、北南米、さまざまな国を旅した際、道端でみつけたいろんな「もの」にインクをつけ、ハガキにスタンプします。’FOUND’ のはんこ、みつけた場所、日付が書かれたハガキはアーティスト、ギャラリー、友人たちや展覧会場に郵送されます。今回、フロリダのメルボルンビーチと今年の日付けが記されたハガキが送られてきました。世界中に送られたハガキは写真に撮影、記録されます。小さな行動が積み重なり、作品が育っていく様子は圧巻でとてもおもしろいです。
It’s not often that you hear the words “going to work,” or “art is my job” or “art as a daily practice.” But these issues and ideas were the main focus of our meeting with Kano Ikegami and her circle of friends and inspiring artists in Kyoto in June. Leo Morrissey and I are artists and art professors teaching studio and academic arts for over thirty years. We each enjoyed sharing our experiences and perspectives of devoting our adult lives to our art. There’s an often misunderstood notion that artists sit around waiting for inspiration to awaken and surprise them. When in fact successful artists and works of art are created by dedication to one’s daily practice and process. This commitment to “the work” is the driving force of creativity in the arts. In sharing our practices that include for Leo Morrissey a “Daily Project” of recording the time and place on postcard size drawings of a conceptual nature. This project is ongoing twenty two years.
My own art practice includes daily meditation, writing, photography, sketching, and creating sculptural forms from clay.
We look forward to returning to Kyoto to continue our lively conversations on creativity, art and daily practice.