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大見をARUKU ‘Make an Emotional Time Capsule Map of Oomi’









supernatural?( 超自然) ちょっと違うなあ。
presence?(存在すること、居ること) あ、いい感じ!









We held an English workshop in Oomi, a village whose residents all left more than forty years ago. We went to the closed school, a graveyard and a shrine. We also went to a beautiful tiny house that has been newly constructed “off-the-grid”.


While walking through the village, everyone wrote in English on a map how each place made them feel. Since it is not their first language, it wasn’t easy for them to express feelings in English. Therefore, we discussed with each other what would be the most appropriate expressions to use.


At the end, we overlaid everyone’s maps on top of each other to complete the ‘Map of Your Feelings in Oomi’. The overlay map was very beautiful. We’ll show it to you sometime soon.
Thinking about why the residents had to leave the village and seeing the traces of the war were a bit overwhelming. But I was deeply moved by the energy of young people who create new things in the beauty of nature.
Photo : 草本 利枝 (Toshie Kusamoto)